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Noob's mecha modelling pt. 2 by iromanovsky Noob's mecha modelling pt. 2 by iromanovsky
Ok, as you can obviously see on this photo, there's everything needed to build that model on the table. Model, instruments - everything.

Now if you haven't opened an instruction book yet, which i highly doubt, you should do that. Read it if you know japanese. If not, don't worry - the pictures in it are self-explanatory.

For example, first part to construct will be the leg. Take all necessary sprues out of the box, usually inner parts first and outer armor last and start cutting parts for the first step.

About cutting - never cut close to the detail itself. You'll ruin the surface in 99% of the time. Leave some gap between the edge of parts and sprues and cut off plastic leftovers after you'll free detail from the sprue. Actually, you'll ruin the surface slightly anyway - seen those ugly white spots on unpainted models, especially darker ones? But we will deal with them later. Be careful since everything is prepainted, you do not want to re-paint much, do ya?

After all necessary details are freed and cleaned from unneeded plastic - try to put them together according to instruction. Pay attention to small stuff and how so-called polycaps are positioned, there are joints where you can actually place polys in a wrong way.

Oh yeah, polycaps are those soft resin parts used to make joints smooth and posing a model possible after completion. You'll know when you'll see em.

If details don't come together smoothly or there's some gaps between them - there's something wrong. Usually there's paint in the way, just remove excesses carefully with the knife. Use glue when it feels right but only after you're absolutely sure you're doin' it right. It's incredibly frustrating to realise what you need to somehow re-build a well-glued part because you've made a slight mistake in positioning some moving stuff inside it...

And to the next part we go.
BlazingChaos Featured By Owner May 24, 2009
nice tool you have there.
espen86 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009
wow neat modelling table u have there.. actually u should be called elite mecha modelling..i dun even have a proper table when i build my mech.. lol i built it on my bed and it sux because of the little plastic fragments.. hahas
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February 10, 2009
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